Dyslexia is not just a difficulty in learning to read, but is a difference in the brain and how it processes language related information. About one in five people has dyslexia.  Are you, or is your child one of them?

Scientists have known about dyslexia since the 1800’s.  It’s gone through several name changes but remains a phonological processing difference within the language system of the brain.  Scientists have found the exact location within the language system through MRIs.  It takes a different kind of teaching approach for these children to grasp the concepts and hold it in their short term memory.  Then, they must hold it in there long enough to process it, read it, write it down and then comprehend it’s meaning. And yes, that is a LOT of steps…reading is NOT a natural skill.
(excerpts and source: Overcoming Dyslexia, Shaywitz, M.D)

Dyslexia can be a very frustrating. With intervention, however, many dyslexics can gain confidence and make academic progress.