If you have more questions about dyslexia or Orton-Gillingham tutoring, please let me know. This website’s purpose is for support and encouragement to families and other educators.

  • I am available for private tutoring as well as Preliminary Assessments.
  • Rates: $45 for 45 min.tutoring sessions and $60 for Preliminary Assessments
  • Feel free to email me at:

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What do other parents say?

Edith has a heart for dyslexic children and has worked with two of our children. She creates a safe space for her students to learn and make mistakes to gain confidence in reading. Edith has instilled a love of reading in our son, Gideon, which has led to academic success in other areas. Our daughter, Sophia, will now seek out reading books on her own and create her own stories. We can’t thank Edith enough for her commitment to our family, her patience, and the knowledge of OG.” -Wendy H.

Edith has been working with my granddaughter now for a couple of months using the Orton Gillingham method.  She has learned more from her in the last couple of months then she did the whole last 2 years of kindergarten.  I am so pleased with her abilities to work with this child with dyslexia and ADHD and keep her focused and engaged in learning. This method works and Edith is a testament to that.  She uses other sensory activities to go along with it.  Edith has a reward system that works and has helped with her handwriting and her speech.   I am so in awe of her talent in teaching.” – Elaine T.

My son, Preston, has struggled with reading and spelling for the longest time. Edith has been wonderful in helping us to get caught up to where we need to be. Not only is he learning, but she is fostering a relationship with him by building his confidence as high as it can be. For the first time, he is excited to learn and looks forward to his sessions. Since Edith has gotten to know him, his learning has been personalized. All his stories and books are things he is interested in. She truly has been a life-changer for Preston and he is finally on track.” – Carrie M.

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